Vintage motorcycle Ariel 550 SV

This is a digital reconstruction of the Ariel Motorcycle, Type 550 SV Model b, 1928. As there are sereval variations of the bike, and i had to deal with a lot of design versions in the reference images i used for the modeling, some details might not 100% technically acurate.
Nonetheless i wanted to capture the beauty of the 550SV, and therefore i decided to make it look new and unused, to give it an elegant and noble look.
I choosed a black and white look in low lighting conditions for the rendering of the scenes, because photographs in such a manner are typically rare.
The whole procjet, include reference image search, modeling, scene preparing, rendering and post producting took me about 200 hours of work, which i really enjoyed.

If you are interested in the model, it can be found in one of my stores at